Solar Plant Design and Energy Assessment

Optimizing your solar plant design and accurately estimating its future production are essential to a successful outcome. Our methods and technical knowhow are based in proven science and are trusted by developers and financial institutions. Accurate, bankable energy assessment reports start with a complete analysis of the solar resource at a project site. 

GRL can offer the following scope of services:  

  • Site visit  
  • Review of the meteorological program  
  • Resource analysis  
  • Climate adjustment  
  • Modeling of the spatial distribution  
  • Detailed Loss Assessment  
  • Estimate Uncertainty  
  • Plant design and energy production  


In addition to these services, we will work with your team on many other aspects of the plant design and development process, including advising on constructability, road and cabling paths, view shed, and other issues that may affect construction cost, permitting, and community acceptance.