PV Module Certification

World Class Certification Services in the Middle East

PV modules are installed in extreme environments such as high winds or desert conditions. Installations such as these expose materials to stresses for which stakeholders need reassurance of the long-term safety and reliability of the system.  Standards are a way of reducing risk by introducing consistency to essential design features that address asset owner needs.

GRL’s wide range of services for PV modules cover all types – crystalline, thin film, building integrated PV (BIPV), concentrator PV – and provide expert assistance in areas such as:

  • PV Module safety certification to UL 1703, UL 61730-1 and UL 61730-2
  • BIPV safety certification to UL 7130
  • Type approval to IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2.
  • Performance testing (IEC/UL 61215 series)
  • Salt mist corrosion (IEC 61701)
  • Ammonia corrosion (IEC 62716)
  • Dynamic mechanical load (IEC 62782)
  • Potential Induced Degradation (IEC 62804)
  • IAM and PAN files (IEC 61853 series)
  • AC Modules
  • Fire Testing

GRL’s qualified test facilities provide local service in a company’s own time zone and language.