PV Inverters

GRL in partnership with UL provides inverter certification and evaluation services for compliance with a wide range of local, national and international standards. The extent and scope of the testing is determined in part by whether the product is a standalone unit or intended for interconnection with a local utility. GRL tests power inverters, converters and controllers to the requirements of all key international and local grid standards, including:

  • UL 1741
  • IEC 62109
  • UL 62109
  • IEEE 1547

GRL in partnership with UL has expanded its PV inverter testing capabilities to provide broader global conformity assessment services, including safety, performance and EMC testing.

  • PV Electronics Safety Standards – IEC 62109 based certifications with national differences and also most nation specific safety standards
  • DC Arc-Fault Circuit protection – evaluated to UL 1699B
  • EMC Requirements – FCC, IEC, EN, CISPR, R&TTE and IEEE
  • Performance Evaluations (efficiency and communications) – IEC, ISO, EN, ANSI, IEEE and local electric grid utility defined
  • Utility Grid Interconnection Performance – extensive international coverage, global IEC, country specific as well as individual electric grid utility compliance
  • Software/firmware – IEC and UL functional safety standards
  • Inverter Training – certification, evaluation, testing and standards related training – national and international.