Infrastructure and Balance of Plant

To build a renewable energy facility, it is important to understand the requirements to build or upgrade infrastructure, such as roads and transmission lines. UL’s Our experienced engineers can help you understand infrastructure and balance of plant (BOP) needs both internal and external to your project. 

It is essential to understand the civil needs of a project to most cost effectively supply turbines to the site and maintain a rigorous operations and maintenance plan. We offer the following services to support such assessments: 


  • Preliminary Road Design: Our engineers and GIS specialists can help establish a preliminary road path for potential wind facility layouts. The preliminary design helps to establish likely access and on-site roads and gives a quality starting point for EPC and/or BOP contractors. 


  • Construction Monitoring: Our engineers will make regular visits to the site to verify that the on-site construction is occurring in a safe manner and according to technical plans. Additionally, we will monitor and report on the construction schedule and work with you to understand implications to the schedule from the field.